Six ways to buy more time on Earth (1 and 6 are key!)

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Harvard University researchers have spent the past 75 years following the same 600-plus people to identify what makes a happy, healthy and long life.

The Grant & Glueck Study has revealed six factors that cannot guarantee immortality, but might extend your lifetime.

1. Develop positive relationships — Researchers found the only things that really matter in life are your relationships to other people. Happiness is love. Close relationships keep us happier and healthier through family, friends and the community.

2. Don’t abuse alcohol — Alcoholism is involved in nearly 60 percent of all divorces. Participants developed an alcohol problem, which then sabotaged their relationships. Alcohol can also cause depression and neurosis.

3. Don’t smoke — Aside from alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes is the single greatest contributor to disease and early death.

4. Get exercise and maintain a healthy weight — Researchers concluded that healthy people exercise, but exercise does not necessarily make people healthy.

5. Keep learning — A lack of education could shorten someone’s life by as much as ten years. Continued intellectual stimulation at any age can prevent your mind and body from deteriorating.

6. Adapt to life’s challenges — Poor coping skills generally lead to alcoholism, smoking, depression, and unhealthy habits.

Fair warning: People who had only three of the above factors by age 50 were three times as likely to be dead at 80 than those with four or more. Strive for all six!

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