Family creates Colton’s Care Packs in memory of young son

SHHC-1959_photo_NICU care packs 1_600x400
On April 7, Ashley and Jeff L. dropped off two cartloads of boxes filled with more than 600 care packs for the Salem Health neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatrics.
The Salem couple’s six-month-old son Colton passed away in January 2014 after cerebral palsy and a severe epilepsy syndrome led to his death. Before he died, the couple often made sudden trips to OHSU without time to pack.
This year, Ashley celebrated Colton’s life by putting together care packs for parents of kids facing unexpected or prolonged hospital stays. Colton’s Care Packs are filled with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, facial wipes and other necessities.
Ashley launched a gofundme page and raised more than $500. The couple’s employers, the SAIF Corporation and Marion County Sheriff’s Office, also supported the effort.
The family is considering putting together another round of Colton’s Care Packs next year.