ER nurse gets surprise homecoming from military husband

Sandi J., a Salem Hospital emergency room nurse, thought she was having a normal day at work. But her husband — Sergeant First Class Jason J. with the U.S. Army National Guard — had launched a top-secret operation to surprise her at the hospital.

Hospital staffers took a couple minutes to help Jason sneak into a vacant exam room, while other nurses kept Sandi busy in different area of the ER. A nurse put a blanket over Jason, but his uniform could still be seen from the shoulder up.

When Sandi walked into the room, Jason said, “Happy anniversary!” A visibly shocked Sandi shouted, “Oh my God!” and the couple rushed towards each other for a lengthy embrace.

Previously, Jason worked in the Salem Hospital ER as a technician from 2001 to 2007. He served in the military for 26 years as a flight paramedic. In 2017, Jason deployed to the Middle East, only three weeks after the couple got married.

Sandi said, “He had to beg, borrow and plead to make it back in time for our anniversary, which he did on Jan. 7.”

Jason was originally due home Feb. 9. This was his fourth and final overseas deployment.

When Salem Health employees team up to create special moments like these, they prove how much community matters at work!