92-year-old gets carotid stent

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Richard B., a thriving 92-year-old, could have fallen victim to a stroke or worse. Without any physical symptoms, he had no idea his carotid artery was a ticking time bomb.

During a routine check-up, Richard’s doctor discovered that his right carotid artery was showing increased blockage.

Bassien was sent to vascular surgeon, Mark Fleming, MD, for further testing. Fleming determined that Bassien’s right carotid artery was 90 percent occluded or blocked with plaque. Action had to be taken to avoid a stroke.

Just a few years ago, Bassien would have required a risky surgical procedure called carotid endarterectomy to remove the plaque. However, Dr. Fleming recommended a carotid artery stent, a much less invasive option available today.

Bassien’s procedure took place at Salem Health. The hospital participates in ongoing clinical research which has enabled patients like Bassien to have innovative treatments close to home.

The procedure went off without a hitch. “Everything went like clockwork,” says Bassien. In fact, Bassien says, “The surgery was so non-invasive, I jokingly accused Dr. Fleming of not really doing anything because I had no after affects from the procedure.”

Bassien’s life is back to normal. He’s thankful the silent, ticking time bomb has been taken care of, and enjoys swimming in addition to walking a couple of miles every day.