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Restoring your independence, staying close to home

Transitional care program

West Valley Hospital has a transitional care program you might not expect in a small town, close to home. It’s been named a top-performing Oregon critical access hospital by the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project for two years in a row.

Key features

  • A personalized plan of care.
  • Bedside rounds that engage you, your family and your care team to help you reach your goals.
  • Hospital level nurse staffing to keep you safe and meet your needs.
  • Promotes a home-like environment accommodating family and individualized activity programs, as well as therapy in several environments.
  • Our on-site physician, therapy, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy teams will address all your medical needs.

Who is eligible?

The transitional care program (also known as a swing bed program) supports patients recovering from an acute illness or surgery who no longer require acute hospital care but are not yet ready to go home.

We will work closely with your discharging acute care hospital to ensure a safe transition to our transitional care program.

How do I learn more?

During your hospital stay, your care team will help determine if you need additional time to recover before going back to your previous living situation. This may come up when your doctor talks to you about your postoperative planning.

Usually, your care management team will explain your discharge options after surgery. You can request more information about the transitional care program at that time. At discharge, you will typically be allowed to choose your skilled nursing facility and the transitional care program if that is an option for you.

Our goal is to restore you to your previous level of independence with as short and pleasant a recovery as possible, close to home.