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Cardiac rehabilitation

Benefits for more than just your heart

Salem Health’s cardiac rehabilitation program is one of the largest in Oregon and is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This program helps individuals recovering from a heart attack, failure, or surgery to dramatically improve their heart health. Our proven three-phase approach has helped hundreds of people increase their quality-of-life.

Cardiac rehabilitation benefits more than just your heart. You’ll notice:

  • Reduced symptoms (chest discomfort, shortness of breath, fatigue)
  • Decreased risk of another heart attack
  • Improved exercise performance
  • Improved health-related quality of life
  • Improved emotional health (reversal of anxiety and depression)
  • Improved fat and cholesterol levels
  • Improved knowledge about heart disease and its management
  • A quicker return to work and leisure activities


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Mended Hearts

Your personal support group volunteer

Patients in the hospital may be visited by a member of the local Mended Hearts support group. These dedicated cardiac volunteers have “been there” and had experiences similar to what you are going through. Mended Hearts is a national organization whose local chapter volunteers share their time and experiences to help answer questions and inspire patients in their recovery and rehabilitation. Learn more by calling 503-814-1773.



Getting started


After your physician places a referral to the Salem Health cardiac rehabilitation program, we will call you to schedule an initial evaluation. If you have questions — or would like an update on scheduling your appointment — please call us at 503-814-1700 and select option 2.


First appointment

A nurse will meet with you to discuss the recovery process and the cardiac rehabilitation program. You will exercise for about five minutes with one of our exercise specialists so please wear comfortable clothing. We work with your physician to develop a recovery plan that suites your needs.



Most insurance and Medicare plans cover the initial phase of cardiac rehab. Contact your health insurance provider to find out about coverage and applicable co-pays or co-insurance fees. Your insurance and recovery progress will determine the length of attendance.


Our 3 phase maintenance program

Our 3 phase maintenance program offers progressive, self-directed exercise for patients with cardiac history, diabetes or those working to prevent cardiac disease and diabetes. We helps individuals stay fit, achieve goals and keep motivated in a safe, fun and upbeat environment alongside others who have similar goals. Exercise sessions include aerobic, resistance, strength and flexibility training.

Doctor talking with a patient who is recovering in a hospital bed

Recovering in place

As our patient, you’ll notice that most — if not all — of your cardiac care happens at your own bedside. Salem Health’s cardiovascular care unit was designed to bring testing and care specialists to you, avoiding the need to roll your bed to other locations for tests, etc.

We call it “recovering in place,” which speeds your recovery and reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Cardiac rehab therapist showing a patient proper exercise technique

Exercise and education

Within three weeks of leaving the hospital, phase two begins — a carefully monitored program of exercise and education, which includes nutrition counseling and coaching.

You can walk, pedal and lift weights under the supervision of trained cardiac nurses, therapists and exercise specialists in the comfort of our workout room.

Exercise and education classes are not open to the public, but your partner or caregiver is welcome to join.

Exercise classes

We provide a group setting for cardiac rehabilitation—an energetic environment that keeps you motivated and creates friendships. The camaraderie is contagious, and even spouses get to know each other.

During group sessions, your exercises will be tailored to your diagnosis and fitness level. Each activity is designed to gradually increase your heart rate to a prescribed training level. A registered nurse and exercise specialist are present so you can exercise with confidence.

As you work through the program, we'll update your doctor on your progress and let him/her know if we have any medical concerns.

Lifetime of better health

A lifetime of better health

If you want to continue your healthy habits after your prescribed rehabilitation program has ended, you can join the self-pay cardiac rehab maintenance class, where you will exercise with a community of people who care about heart health as much as you do.

While making your heart stronger, you are building friendships. Some of our patients have been exercising together for more than 10 years!



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