Free Wi-Fi access

Our wireless network allows anyone on the Salem Hospital campus, the West Valley Hospital campus, and Salem Health clinics to use personal electronic devices to access the Internet in three simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve enabled Wi-Fi on your device.

  2. Select “SalemHealth-Guest” from the available networks.

  3. Authorize the connection. You may need to click on “I agree” to terms and conditions to connect. Some devices may require you to open a browser window first, which will redirect you to our terms and conditions.

Can’t see our network? The signal may be weak if you’re near an elevator or stairwell. Move to an open area and try again.

Email/instant messenger doesn’t work? You probably need to open your Web browser first. You won’t be connected until you click on “I Agree” on our terms and conditions.

Our guest network is not secure, so you’re responsible for any sensitive information you send or receive over this network from your personal device.

Signs and brochures throughout campus explain how to access our wireless network. You can also ask for help at any of our information desks.