Identify your Salem Health care team

Care team uniform colors


We color-code our scrubs at Salem Health so you can easily identify members of your hospital care team. They also wear name badges.

  • Registered nurses wear royal blue.

  • Licensed practical nurses wear olive green.

  • Certified nursing assistants wear maroon.

  • Nurse managers wear white coats.

  • Clinical professionals wear navy (people working in lab, radiology, rehab and various tech positions).

  • Respiratory therapists wear teal.

  • Social workers from our care management (social services) team wear regular clothes with a name badge.

  • Rapid response staff wear green.

  • The housekeeping team wears gray.

  • Security officers wear blue and black.

  • Physicians don’t have a designated uniform color, but most wear a white coat over their regular clothes.


There is no reason to feel embarrassed if you don’t recognize someone or aren’t sure what their job is.

Feel free to ask them about their role in your care. We want you to feel comfortable with all your caretakers at Salem Health.