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VTE Prophylaxis orders required in Epic, starts March 25

24 Mar 2024

Required order sets ensure consistency

By: Olivia Alley, technical communications coordinator

To ensure consistent ordering of VTE Prophylaxis panels, the following order sets will be required as of Monday, March 25:

  • Adult Admission [182562]
  • Observation Admission [431587]
  • Adult Ischemic Stroke Admission – No Thrombolytic [431513]
  • ICU Stroke Admission – Post Thrombolytic [431525]
  • WVH Skilled Nursing/Swing Bed Patient Admission Order [700111]
  • WVH Adult Admission [700054]

Questions? Contact the Solution Center via the service button in Epic  

 by phone at 503-814-4357 or via email at