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Reminder: Our CEO will NOT text you

28 Jan 2024

Text messages are scam, do not reply

By: Shea Corum, chief information officer

Once again, some Salem Health staff are receiving fake text messages claiming to be from President and CEO Cheryl Nester Wolfe, RN.

These text messages are not real — they are a scam. Do not reply to these text messages. 

Here’s what they might look like: 


If you receive a text like this, ignore it and do not respond. Delete the message and block the sender on your phone. 

Remember: Neither our CEO nor anyone on our executive team will ever communicate with you via text message. They will only communicate through official channels in our organization, such as email and Common Ground.

If you ever receive a message from our CEO or executive team a different way, please know it did NOT come from them. Sometimes a text scam might come from a suspicious phone number that doesn’t look real (e.g. 5000) or include a link or a different phone number in the message. Never click a link or phone number in a message you’re not sure about. 

If you’re ever in doubt or receive a weird message that just feels off, immediately call the Service Desk at 503-814-4357.

Let’s stay vigilant and help keep each other safe!