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No more susceptibilities on Streptococcus constellatus, intermedius

13 Aug 2023

Lab test unavailable due to product limitations

By: By Tish Gross, laboratory/imaging outreach supervisor

Since Thursday, Aug. 3, Salem Health Laboratories can no longer perform susceptibilities on Streptococcus constellatus and Streptococcus intermedius due to product limitations with antimicrobial susceptibility test kits.  

If Streptococcus constellatus or Streptococcus intermedius do not provide a result for the VITEK 2 AST-ST test cards, but growth is observed on the purity plate, do not retest the isolate on the VITEK 2 systems. Instead, perform an alternative method of testing prior to reporting of results.

To request susceptibilities be sent to our reference lab (Associated Regional and University Pathologists, ARUP) please call microbiology at 503-814-1662 within five days of final report.