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New viscoelastic testing improves cardiovascular service

02 Jul 2023

HemoSonics Quantra analyzer goes live July 10

By: Matthew Boles, MD, executive vice president of surgical services and medical affairs

A new point-of-care viscoelastic testing method to monitor hemostasis in cardiovascular surgical patients is coming to Salem Health Monday, July 10.

The HemoSonics Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer is an FDA-approved analyzer that evaluates and monitors patients for potential hypercoagulable and hypocoagulable conditions. This analyzer provides easy-to-read, actionable results with a fast turnaround time. It will help providers better assess patients during and after cardiovascular surgery for coagulopathies and make the best possible decisions about blood product usage and pharmaceutical intervention.

In addition to helping us better serve our cardiovascular patients, this technology also has FDA approval for use in other clinical settings, such as trauma care.

The HemoSonics Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer goes live on July 10 with the Quantra hemostasis point-of-care testing available in the cardiac operating room and cardiovascular critical care unit (CVCU). 

Please join me and our cardiovascular surgeons and physician assistants, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, perfusionists and cardiac operating room/critical care nursing teams, in thanking the following leaders for helping to bring this technology to Salem Health:

  • Krista Cooper, project manager
  • Melissa Nevares, OR manager
  • Jamie Rouse, lab services director
  • Seunghyo Hong, critical care nursing director
  • Stacy Palmer, lab point of care supervisor
  • Karl Wright, supply chain director
  • Renee Martizia-Rash, cardiovascular service line director
  • Brenda Pavelek, surgical services director
  • Amy Slater, trauma services director
  • Kelly Bodnarchuk, CVCU manager
  • Andy Walker, professional development specialist
  • Bernard Nichols, professional development specialist
  • Shannon Jolley, executive assistant
  • Orion Davidson, system analyst
  • Karl Kamper, systems director