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New urinalysis panel began Oct. 16

22 Oct 2023

Update aligns with infection prevention’s CAUTI goal

By: Olivia Alley, technical communications coordinator

On Monday, Oct. 16, a Urinalysis Reflex to Culture Panel became available in Epic. This update aligns with Salem Health’s Infection Prevention team as they attempt to lower CAUTI infection rates.

To see a tip sheet, please click here.

What is changing?

  • The new panel can evaluate if a patient has a urinary catheter in place and how long it has been there.
  • Based on how long the catheter has been in, the orders needed for this specimen are either:
    • Collect a clean catch.
    • Draw from a urinary catheter that has been inserted for seven days or less.
    • Remove the urinary catheter and obtain straight cath specimen.
    • Remove the urinary catheter and insert a clean urinary catheter, then draw the specimen from the new urinary catheter.
    • Note: There is also another order to collect from another source.
  • The following orders will be removed from the preference list:
    • Lab9018 – Urinalysis, Macroscopic & Microscopic with Culture if indicated
    • Lab9021 Urinalysis, Macroscopic with Reflex to Microscopic & Culture if indicated
    • Lab9022 Urinalysis, Microscopic with Culture if indicated

Questions? Contact Carolyn Wiens, Infection Prevention Manager, call 503-814-2788 or email