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New STEMI call pathway should reduce delays

24 Sep 2023

Multiple call pool coverage began Sept. 11

By: Kelly Aebi, medical staff services director

Since Monday, Sept. 11, the Cardiology Section has reverted to a multiple call pool coverage system for STEMI patients who enter the Salem Health system through the emergency department, as an inpatient or as a transfer.

Modifications will minimize delays — and provide a backup system.


One of three cardiology groups can be reached through the switchboard:

  • Oregon Heart Center
  • Cascade Cardiology / Kaiser Permanente
  • Salem Health Specialty Clinic – Cardiology
  • Unassigned (if none of the above is known)

If there is more than a five-minute response delay, the switchboard will page the other two groups. This will provide a backup mechanism when there is a delay in reaching the initial on-call provider.

The three cardiology groups have a collegial agreement to cover each other’s patients in case an incorrect group is notified.