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New form for requesting one-time med

18 Jun 2023

Plus new “no anticoagulant” order; pharmacy update

By: Matthew Tanner, PharmD, BCPS, pharmacy clinical coordinator

There is a new form to request a one-time medicine for a specific patient. It asks the requesting provider why the patient needs the medicine and how the requested med is superior to available alternatives (if any).

This new form helps improve the oversight of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee for medicines we use that have never been reviewed.

There is also a new “No Anticoagulant” order. It will ask if you really, really want to order systemic anticoagulation for a particular patient when someone tries to add an order VTE prophylaxis or systemic anticoagulation.

But did you know it has a more nuanced sibling that will only interfere with therapeutic-dose anticoagulation? This order allows you to tell other providers (and staff) that your patient with an epidural catheter (or other bleeding risk factors) can have chemical DVT prevention, but NOT full dose anticoagulation. You can find these orders in Epic by searching for “no anticoagulant”:


Questions about either? Call 503-814-9960 (external) or 4-9960 (internal) or email