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‘Mask off’ started March 7

10 Mar 2024

Visitor restriction lifts

By: Carolyn Wiens, infection prevention manager

I am pleased to share we have hit our triggers to end masking for the current respiratory season. 


Effective Thursday, March 7, masking is only required for patient care when the patient is in isolation precautions that require it. This change also lifts the restriction that had been in place for visitors under age 12.


Remember: All the other current COVID isolation precautions and visitor restrictions for COVID- positive patients still remain in effect for health care. I know you might be confused, based on the new guidelines for the general public that the CDC announced last week. 


The CDC has further clarified that the changes in isolation for the general public do not apply in health care. N95 masks or equivalent protection remain the requirement when caring for COVID-positive or suspected patients and COVID patients will remain in isolation for a minimum of 10 to 20 days, based on their clinical condition.


We are in the process of updating signs on campus, so if you see an old sign about masks, disregard it. It will be replaced soon.