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Interact improves query process

30 Jul 2023

New provider-centric mobile/web tool launches Aug. 1

By: Drew Clarke, MD, chief medical information officer

Last November, the clinical documentation integrity team launched Iodine. Iodine includes an intuitive, provider-centric query system, Interact, which was tested by 80 medical staff providers.

After a six-month pilot, provider feedback was positive with the below highlights:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use mobile and cloud platforms.
  • Easy access through mobile app, Epic or any browser.
  • Improved provider processing time — saving over 1,000 provider hours per year.
  • Improved query quality using industry standard templates, direct links to related documentation and helpful provider tips.

As a result of this positive feedback and notable results, we will implement Interact for all provider queries effective Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Learn how to add the mobile app and log in for your first query below. Note: No action is needed until a provider receives their first query.

Questions? Contact Drew Clarke, MD, chief medical information officer or health information management leadership.

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