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How to know which radiologist interpreted the MRI exam

07 Apr 2024

“Interpretation provided by Radsource” now noted

By: Justin Millar, imaging services manager

Before Salem Health Orthopedics on State Street opened in fall 2023, MRI exams performed at that location were interpreted by Radsource, a subspecialized musculoskeletal and neurological teleradiology service. Radsource continues to provide interpretations for all MRI exams completed at the Salem Health Orthopedics on State Street.

We know it’s important for physicians to be able to talk directly to the interpreting radiologist when there are questions about radiologic findings. To help clinicians identify the interpreting radiologist, since March 27, the phrase “Interpretation provided by Radsource” has been included at the end of the studies when Radsource provided the interpretation. See example below:

And here’s what it will look like when interpretation is provided by Salem Radiology Consultants: 

Imaging continues to work with Epic to find additional ways to make it easier for providers and staff to see when an MRI interpretation has been provided by a Radsource radiologist or a Salem Radiology Consultants radiologist.

If a provider needs to speak with a radiologist about an interpretation, call the Imaging Film Library at 503-814-1194. The Imaging Film Library will ensure to connect the provider with the correct radiologist group.