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Get vaccinated: Protect patients, staff, volunteers and visitors

22 Oct 2023

See “mask on” changes and medical staff requirements

By: Kelly Aebi, director medical staff servic

Dear colleagues:

We are asking for your help this year to reach our goal of having 100% of our credentialed and privileged medical staff vaccinated against influenza! Providing a safe environment for patients, staff, volunteers and visitors is our top priority.

Influenza vaccinations will be paramount to reducing the impact of respiratory illnesses in our community and resulting burdens on the healthcare system.

What do I need to do?

  • Provide proof of flu vaccination to the Salem Hospital Medical Staff Office at or Employee Health Department, having received a flu vaccination by Nov. 14. Acceptable proof of annual flu vaccination documentation includes:
    • A signed statement or form, or an electronic form or email from you indicating when and where you received the influenza vaccine, or
    • A note, receipt, vaccination card, etc. from an outside vaccinating entity stating the provider received the influenza vaccine at the location.
    • NOTE: Verbal statements are not acceptable for the purposes of this measure.

What if I need an exemption approved?

  • By policy, the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) may exempt a provider from the flu vaccine requirement under the following conditions:
    • Medical: Severe allergy to eggs or vaccine components, or history Guillain-Barre within 6 weeks of a prior flu vaccine. Providers requesting a medical exception must provide documentation of medical contraindications. All egg-free vaccines are free of charge to credentialed providers and will be given at our Employee Health Department. An appointment must be scheduled in advance so the vaccine can be sent over from the pharmacy. Should vaccines not be available or if a provider has a severe egg allergy, the provider shall submit in writing a statement to the MEC requesting an exemption. Employee Health can be reached at 503-814-7250 or by visiting Building D, 4th floor.
    • Religious: Special religious accommodations requested in writing and approved by the MEC.
    • Request submittal: Please email for the Salem Hospital MEC exception form.

Important changes to masking requirements, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Regardless of flu and COVID vaccination status, all practitioners will be required to adhere to any “mask on” requirements during respiratory season. “Mask On” will be defined by Salem Health Infection Prevention and approved by CEO.
  • Masks will be required when in clinical areas, defined as patient rooms/treatment rooms in the following areas:
    • Inpatient units
    • Outpatient departments
    • Surgical departments
    • SHMG clinics
    • West Valley Hospital
    • Overflow/surge spaces such as ED hall beds
  • Masks are not required in non-clinical areas, including:
    • Registration
    • Waiting rooms
    • Hallways/nursing stations in patient care areas

“Mask On” will remain in place until Infection Prevention and the CEO notify of “Mask Off” for the respiratory season.

Where do I get my flu vaccination?

Thank you for helping keep our patients and staff healthier during this year’s flu season!