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Epic ‘First Contact’ available Nov. 20

19 Nov 2023

New label makes it easy to see who to call/message first for patient

By: Olivia Alley, technical communications coordinator

On Monday, Nov. 20, a new "First Contact" label will appear in the patient’s treatment team list to make it easy for other clinicians to see who to call or message first regarding the patient's care.

The label will appear across Epic in sign-in, treatment teams, patient lists, storyboard and the nurse’s brain so clinicians can quickly see the patient’s primary point of contact for the patient.

By default, the attending provider will be designated as First Contact. First Contact also works with Epic’s sign-in/sign-out feature. When a patient has a primary team assigned, and a provider signs into that team, they will become the designated First Contact. We strongly encourage providers to use the sign-in function to ensure the First Contact is accurate.

For a tipsheet on how to sign-in and sign-out, visit the F1 Dashboard in Epic.