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Doctors’ Day ‘thank you’ from our nursing team

24 Mar 2024

Plus West Valley Hospital schedule for free food, drinks

By: Sarah Horn, senior vice president, chief nursing & clinical operations officer

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day. Each year we reflect on the profound work physicians do every day and how fortunate we are to work with you. On behalf of the entire Salem Health nursing team, I want to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for the dedication, skill and compassion you bring to Salem Health.


While we appreciate your contributions every day of the year, this time of year we take a special time out to recognize your efforts to save and improve the lives of our patients, friends, families and loved ones — your dedication and commitment make it possible for all of us to be healthier. You are steadfast partners supporting the safety and wellness of our patients, our community and ourselves and we have never been more grateful for your support.


Your knowledge and skills helped more than 127,000 patients in our Emergency Department and nearly 24,000 patients admitted this past year. While we continued to care for COVID-19 positive patients, routine care also continued. Women delivered their newborns, medical emergencies were treated, surgeries were performed, bones were healed, cancer was cured and a myriad of other medical and wellness concerns were addressed. Day in and day out, every hour of every day, you are here providing expert care to our patients and guiding us with your knowledge and expertise. You work tirelessly, often under challenging circumstances, to ensure the best possible outcome for those in need.


On this Doctors’ Day, we honor you for your unwavering commitment to healing and caring for others. Whether it’s diagnosing a complex condition, performing life-saving procedures or simply lending a listening ear, you make a difference. Your partnership with us in patient care is invaluable and deeply appreciated. Your expertise, dedication and collaborative spirit make our work as nurses not only more effective, but more fulfilling. Your willingness to listen, teach and work hand-in-hand with us demonstrates your commitment to providing the highest quality of care. Your leadership inspires us and your kindness makes the challenges we face together easier to overcome.


From all your nursing colleagues at Salem Health, thank you for being the best partners we could ask for. Your leadership, talent and patient-centered approach inspire us to be better in our roles alongside you.


It’s a privilege to be a part of your team!


West Valley Hospital Doctors’ Day schedule

  • Monday, March 25, to Thursday, April 25: Stop by the West Valley Hospital cafeteria with your physician badge and receive one free soda or black coffee, a free salad or sandwich/wrap and a cookie. You can only redeem one time during the month.


See the Salem Hospital Doctors’ Day schedule here.