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Coming soon: New ‘Care with Respect’ ads

14 Jan 2024

Phase three of campaign rolls out over the next few weeks

By: Emily Sweet, internal communications lead

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Photos from top left: Christina Meier, DO; Ashley Barth, FNP; Donna Harris, RN; and Peter Hakim, DO, are some of the providers and staff featured in our new Care with Respect campaign.

Introducing our new Care with Respect campaign!

Marketing and Communications has been working hard over the past months on the third phase of this brand campaign and we want to give you a first look.

“Our Care with Respect campaign focuses on the respect we have for each other — our colleagues, our patients and our visitors,” said Julie Burton, director of marketing, brand and patient experience. “The new ads focus on connecting with our patients while showing our commitment to providing the health care service when and where they need it.”

Earlier phases of Care with Respect showed how we see and recognize that our patients are unique individuals with their own back stories.

"The first two phases were meant to show respect for people by acknowledging they have lives outside of their health care needs,” said Ruth Sheridan, lead content strategist. “They focused on their life stories and interests without really getting into health care. For this phase of the brand campaign, we wanted to bring things back from focusing on who our patients are and start talking about who Salem Health is.”

That meant showing our rockstar providers and staff in their own element.

“The goal of the new campaign is to bring the focus back to our health care services by highlighting Salem Health providers and patients through a series of stories set in four different health care environments,” Julie said.

The new phase features Labor and Delivery, West Valley Hospital, the Salem Hospital ED and Urgent Care in Woodburn.

And our own providers and staff take a starring role:

  • Ashley Barth, FNP
  • Christina Meier, DO
  • Colleen Moosman, LPTA
  • Donna Harris, RN
  • Lisa Rice, MD
  • Peter Hakim, DO

Over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing our new campaign materialize on billboards, our website, in newspapers, on social media, around campus and even at the movies — so get your popcorn ready.