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Changes to inpatient consult orders in Epic

25 Feb 2024

Podiatry, Palliative Care, Neurology, Psychiatry go live March 5

By: Drew Clarke, MD, chief medical information officer

As part of the A3 Reduction in Length of Stay Work, we will begin the phased roll-out of inpatient consult orders for provider services. Using an order will improve several areas, including provider well-being, timeliness of patient care and patient length of stay.

For a routine consult order, the provider service will have a consult patient list. Consultations will be completed within 24 hours. Direct provider-to-provider consultation continues to occur as clinically indicated.

For urgent and stat orders, direct provider-to-provider communication remains the first step and continues to be required. The provider would then place the order in Epic once time allowed.

Initial consult notes are written in the Consult tab, and this satisfies the consult order as complete.

Please view the F1 Dashboard in Epic to see the Rules of the Road document and a brief workflow video.

The first services to go live on Tuesday, March 5, are Podiatry, Palliative Care, Neurology and Psychiatry.

The project team looks forward to connecting with your specialty service leaders as we bring this online for your group.

Questions? Reach out to your section chief or the project team leaders, Kathleen Harder, MD, associate chief medical officer; and Drew Clarke, MD, chief medical information officer.