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Building A pressure systems down June 25

18 Jun 2023

Impact lessened with late-night work

By: Matthew Boles, MD, vice president of medical affairs

Over the past few weeks, hospital leaders have been planning a scheduled downtime for a required engineering fix to our pressure systems in Building A. We have worked with physician leaders to craft this plan. With their valuable help, we are now prepared for a downtime from midnight to 4 a.m. Sunday, June 25.

This downtime has some anticipated impacts campus-wide. However, extensive short- and long-term mitigation plans will minimize the impact to patients and staff. Each area has its own set of plans depending on affected systems and processes before, during and after the downtime.

The areas where we anticipate greatest impact:

  • CT imaging
    • CT1 and CT2 will be fully functional. The other CT will be available as needed for limited use.
  • MRIs
    • The 3T wide bore MRI will be fully functional. The other will be powered down into maintenance mode and should not be used.
  • Lab services
    • All lab services will be available during the downtime, but you may see minimal delays due to getting specimens to the lab.
  • Surgeries
    • All operating rooms in Building A will be shut down. Building C will be used for all urgent surgeries.
  • Cardiac services
    • Cath Lab 5 will be available for emergent cases during downtime. Cardiac surgery will not be available from 6 p.m. Saturday, June 24, to 6 a.m. Sunday June, 25. We have mitigation plans in place to address these limitations.

Command center

A task force will be available from A-West 7th Floor Conference Room, from 9 p.m. Saturday, June 24, through 7 a.m. Sunday, June 25. This team will problem-solve throughout the downtime until we bring systems up again.

Monitor radio channel 5 or call 503-814-4628 to reach the command center.


To fill in knowledge gaps and for more in-depth details, contact Dr. Matthew Boles through the switchboard at 503-561-5200.