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Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) tests going to WSPHL starting Oct. 30

22 Oct 2023

Expect delays: OSPHL to close testing for five weeks due to maintenance

By: Tish Gross, Salem Health Laboratories outreach supervisor

Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) needs to close its Biosafety Level 3 testing suite for an estimated five weeks for routine maintenance and equipment replacement.

During this closure, OSPHL will not be able to perform testing on positive Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) samples from Salem Health. OSPHL has partnered with Washington State Public Health Lab (WSPHL) to test our samples. Samples will be sent to OSPHL with our normal service and then OSPHL will send to WSPHL.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 30, PCR identification of AFB positive isolates and TB (only) susceptibilities (RIF/INH/PZA/EMB) will be performed at WSPHL. WSPHL does not test for Ofloxacin (OFLOX) susceptibility in their panel. If you wish to add Ofloxacin, please contact Silvi Enstad in Microbiology at Salem Health 503-814-1658 to discuss the possibility of submitting to CDC for further testing. All results will be sent from WSPHL to OSPHL and then forwarded to Salem Health.

Please expect delays for all test results, due to specimen shipment to WSPHL and processing:

PCR isolate ID

Currently six working days. Once OSPHL begins sending WSPHL on Oct. 30, the estimate is eight to ten working days.

MGIT Susceptibilities

Currently three weeks. Once OSPHL begins sending WSPHL on Oct. 30, the estimate is within five weeks.

Questions? Contact Silvi Enstad, medical laboratory scientist, microbiology, at Salem Health 503-814-1658